Author: Lis Barnard

Failing to Plan is Planning to be Late

Clever project scheduling to arrive on time. Everyone has that one friend who is always late for everything. I often find myself wanting to quote older relatives at them ‘Failing to plan is planning to be late!’. Maybe they are just disillusioned with scheduling? I don’t blame them. It can make your brain hurt, but […]

Health and Safety Gone Mad

Doing what we say rather than saying what we do. I’ve never worked on the tools, at least, not in paid employment. Although it goes against my usual mantra of ‘never asking anyone to do something I wouldn’t do myself’, if you ever witnessed me using a hammer, you would understand why. I have, however, […]

Could You Just…?

Defining Scope & Capturing Variations for Contractors Let me start by being unequivocal. I am not a Quantity Surveyor, Cost Consultant or Commercial Manager. Those people have specialist skills and if your business is large enough to employ one (or more) – do it. However, I have worked with quite a few people who do […]

What’s In It For Us?

Benefits Realisation I’m surprised to find myself writing about this. When I first started formal training in Project Management I honestly thought ‘Benefits Realisation’ was pointless jargon. As a profession, I wondered if we really needed something to describe the most fundamental part of Project Management. Surely the whole POINT of a project was to […]


Do you think process is a dirty word? Many employees (and owners!) see business processes as unnecessary bureaucracy, red tape, box ticking. It often means ‘paper work’ which feels like a waste of time and a barrier to ‘getting the job done’. Why We Do It I must confess, I have a bit of a […]